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3:05 AM

► Macro Photography

Posted by justblogging

Macro Photography, a type of close-up photography..

These are sample of macro photography, it was taken from a digital camera (Samsung Digimax i6), not a DSLR camera..

This is one of my best shot, a fly on top of a leaf.. Great shot! :)

I could hardly take a nice shot with the ant running, so I pressed it with my finger.. Haha, that's so funny..

Tommy Watch.. A birthday gift for my girlfriend.. ^^

Foods and Beverages: The Old Spaghetti House, Cibo, French Baker, Starbucks Coffee

American Baked Spareribs
..Great food, great taste, sooo delicious! :)
The Old Spaghetti House should pay me for the ads.. haha..

Chicken Croissant
food from French Baker, I love it! For sure, you'll love it too.. ^^

like cold coffees?
go to Starbucks.. definitely, you'll love it!

Tiramisu from CIBO..
sooo creamy.. nice dessert!


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