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10:06 PM

Lenovo A60 and Samsung Galaxy Y Comparison

Posted by justblogging

A lot of people comparing the Lenovo A60 to Samsung Galaxy Y. These two phones retail below 8K, and not bad for an Android phone!

Well, both phones are running an Android 2.3 Gingerbread version. Also, both have a capacitive multi-touchscreen. But, what are the differences between these two phones?

Let's compare!


Well, as seen on the comparison, Lenovo A60 is better in terms of features and specification. A60 has a larger screen with 3.5 inches and a better colour display with 262K versus Galaxy Y's 3.0 inches and a 65K colour display. Also, A60 has dual camera with 3MP + VGA front facing camera for video calling and of course for taking pictures versus Galaxy Y's 2MP single cam. Not only that, A60 is a perfect phone for those people who have 2 network SIMs because it's a dual SIM and a dual active too. You can use the first SIM as your mobile phone while the other SIM can be as your landline.

In terms of CPU speed, Samsung Galaxy Y has 830MHz compared to Lenovo A60's 650MHz as the main processor. But what's good about A60 is that it has 2 processors. The first processor handles the multimedia and the other one handles the network/radio frequencies. So it's like running on a 1GHz processor if you will combine them both.

Galaxy Y can support  up to 32GB of external memory while A60 can only support up to 16GB. But actually an 8GB memory is enough to save games, music, etc. And what's good with A60 is that it has 220MB internal memory versus Galaxy Y's 164MB.

Another thing, A60 has a larger battery capacity with 1500 mAh versus 1200 mAh of Galaxy Y. So expect A60's battery will last longer than Galaxy Y's battery.

Lenovo A60 retails Php 7,990, much expensive than Samsung Galaxy Y which only retails Php 5,950. But if you will compare the functionality of both phones, A60 is a way better than the Galaxy Y. Just add 2K and you'll get a dual camera Android phone + plus the fact that it's a dual active SIM and a dual processor too!

If you're going to choose, what phone would you go for?


Jhong said...

I will go for the Lenovo A60 hands down. In fact I'm planning to get it today during lunch.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE MY LENOVO A336! And I'm planning to buy this one tomorrow at SaveMore! ^_^

marczey16 said...

wow lenovo A60 i like that ill buy this coming saturday feb.25 2012 lovet....

Anonymous said...

get your facts straight... dont go bashing sgy coz you dont own this phone... test you a60 against my sgy in a benchmark test and youll find out how crappy a60 is...

Anonymous said...

Add to that, the A60 is actually underclocked at 650mhz.

Its real processor is 806mhz.

Anyway, the Lenovo A60 is way, way, way better than the Samsung Galaxy Y.

The screen display of the Samsung Galaxy Y is very, very poor and low quality.

Precy said...

Wow, thank you! I am planning to buy Samsung Galaxy Y then found out there were so many bad reviews about it. I'll go for Lenovo A65, going to buy tomorrow!yay!

eunice said...

good day po, pwede po ba pakicompare nyo din ung a65 or p700 sa galaxy y duo. thanks...


Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
as a first time visitor to your blog I am very impressed.
thank you :)

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