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10:19 PM

Android Phone Battery Saving Tips

Posted by justblogging

Lenovo A60 Android Smartphone
A lot of Smartphones nowadays are using an Android operating system because of its powerful features. Android offers a lot of features and applications that can easily drain your battery life. And I know for sure you will agree with me. Right? But don't worry, there are some ways to extend and maximize the life of your battery.

Here are some helpful tips that will surely save and extend your Android's battery life.

1. Turn OFF the wireless features of your phone when not needed.
To switch OFF wireless features easily, open the notification window. To do this, pull down the notification bar. From there you will see toggles for WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, Data Connection, Airplane Mode, etc.

i. WLAN or WiFi
It is better to switch OFF your WiFi when not in used. If WiFi is ON, it will continuously search for wireless hotspots / networks even though you may not want it to.

ii. Bluetooth Connectivity.
Switch OFF your Bluetooth when not in used. Basically, it's the same with WiFi that even if you're not using it, it will continuously search for wireless / BT devices.

iii. GPS
Switch OFF GPS (Global Positioning System) if you don't need it.

iv. Data Connection
If you are not using the internet, it is better to switch OFF the data connection to save more power. Not only that, it can help you save on your data plan / prepaid cost too.

2. Enable Airplane Mode
In some areas that prohibit you from using GSM / 3G / Wireless networks, it is better to switch your phone to Airplane Mode. Using this mode also helps save your battery from draining.

3. Check your display settings

i. Reduce the brightness of your Display
One of the biggest factor why your phone's battery drains easily is because of the brightness of your display. Check your LCD Brightness settings and turn it to the lowest acceptable level. To do this, go to Settings>Display>Brightness.

Adjust LCD brightness to low
ii. Disable animation and adjust screen timeout
Disable Animation by selecting "no animation" and set your screen timeout to the shortest length possible (e.g. 30 seconds).

4. Disable Automatic Sync
The built-in Email application (not the Gmail one, which uses Push technology) can suck the battery badly, because it syncs on a too-regular basis, especially when you have lots of accounts. Each one of them is set to sync every 15 minutes. It would be better if you set it up to "sync manually", but if you want it to sync automatically, you should set it to sync less frequently.

The same thing holds true for other accounts, like Twitter, Facebook, GMail Accounts which are even less important to update all the time. Switching the Background Data off also extends your phone's battery life.

Note: You may use Power Control Widget to easily toggle WLAN, BT, GPS, Airplane Mode and Brightness Settings.

5. Switch OFF Windows Animation, Live Wallpaper
It is better to use the default Android wallpapers or any still wallpapers rather than using live wallpaper.

6. Switch OFF vibration and tones
Switch the audible touch tones, audible selection, screen lock sounds, vibration, haptic feedback OFF if not needed. Go to Settings>Audio profiles>"choose predefined profile to edit"

7. Terminate all running applications in the background when not in used
Do not leave applications running when you don't need them. Close them and return to the home screen.

Note: You may use third party applications like "Advanced Task Killer" to kill applications automatically from running in the background. Download the app via Android Market.

8. Put your phone on standby mode
When you are not using your Android phone, it is better to put it on standby mode. Simply press the Power button and the display will darken and locks the screen. Press it again and it will light up.

Lenovo A60 Android Smartphone

Install a power management app on your device
There are several apps in the Android Market that specialize on managing power on Android devices. Most do this by controlling the activation and deactivation of systems on the device that consume power, such as the radio, screen, data and GPS.

10. Use 2G Network
If you don't need access to high speed data or there is no 3G network on your area, it is better to use 2G mobile network only. Check your mobile network, go to Settings>Wireless & network settings>Mobile networks>Network mode and choose "GSM only".

Hope all these tips will be able to help you in saving and maximizing your Android phone's battery life. Any additional tips? Please leave a comment.

Note: All screenshots are taken from Lenovo A60.


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