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9:06 PM

Lenovo A60 to PC Screen Tutorial

Posted by justblogging

Ever wondered how to capture screenshot on your Lenovo A60 Android phone without ROOTING it? Or how to let your friends see what you are doing on your Android phone to your PC screen? It's time to show off your Lenovo A60! :)


1. Make sure that your Lenovo A60 USB driver is properly installed on your PC.
- USB driver can be found on the supplied 2GB microSD card.

2. Download DroidAtScreen Java file and save it to your PC.
- Here's the link:

3. Download and Install JAVA program (Check your OS)
Here's the link:

4. Download the Android SDK (Check your OS)
Here's the link:
Note: You will only need the "ADB.exe". This can be found at "platform-tools" folder / directory.

If you don't see this directory in your SDK, launch the SDK and AVD Manager (execute the android tool) and install "Android SDK Platform-tools"

Please also update your PATH environment variable to include the platform-tools/ directory, so you can execute ADB from any location.

Now, if you have fully installed all those programs mentioned above, perform the ff:

1. On your Lenovo A60 phone, activate the USB debugging mode. Then connect the USB cable from your phone to PC.

Go to: Settings>Applications>Development>USB debugging

Note: Do not connect phone via Mass Storage, otherwise it won't work.

2. Run "DroidAtScreen" java file. (You have to open it by using the Java program you have installed).

3. Execute ADB file. Locate the path and press "OK".

..And that's it, you're done! Lenovo A60's screen will automatically pop-out on your PC screen.

Now, you can capture a screenshot of your Lenovo A60 and show it to the WORLD!!! :)

See video:


M. said...

di ba pwede na parang samsung or iphone lang na screenshot then nakasave sa gallery? kelangn nakaconncet tlga sa PC?

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